Prices and Packages

There are a few different packages available, depending on the coverage you need, intended as the length of your event.
6, 8, 10, 12 or more hours to cover everything happens during your wedding day: bride and groom’s preparativesceremony, an optional portrait session and the reception, with dancing and partying.

Due to some commercial agreements I have with partners, I can’t publish my prices. But if you are so kind to ask me privately, I will tell you everything!

A few options may enrich the photoshoot:

  • Full Black & White. All the photos you choose for your album (usually the final selection is made of 200-250 photos) will be professionally processed in B/W, one by one, for the best result.
    A very classy collection!
  • Film-style post-processing to give your photos an extra touch of romance, given by the “poetry” of old films which made the history of photography. The color of your skin under the sun, depicted by the alchemy of a Fuji Provia is not the same as a standard digital file, and the black and whites of the Kodak Tri-X or the Fuji Neopan are not the same as the Photoshop B/W filter. A strongly recommended touch!
    Read “La post-produzione delle foto del Matrimonio” and “Sviluppo e post-produzione in stile pellicola” for further informations and examples.
  • Polaroid/Fuji Instax Wide unique photographs. To counter the reproducibility of the digital format, a lot of people asks for unique physical pieces, which gain value over time.
    A boost for your emotions, yes.