Wedding albums, books & prints

Although it's not mandatory to accompany a printed solution to your wedding photoshoot, printing your photos has some advantages indeed. First of all: if your photographer prints the work, you are sure to see exactly his "version" of the photos, which otherwise can look quite different, depending on the media you see the files with: a high quality print can look very different from a non-calibrated commercial screen. Also, printing the photos on your own, or in a random lab, may lead to unexpected results that can be different from the original vision of your photographer. So if you want to obtain the maximum quality out of your reportage, think about letting your photographer print the work.


There can be a huge variety of solutions when talking about prints. Given that, I alway suggest to first see the reportage, then choose the solution that best works with the work done. This may depend on the look of the photos, but also on the quantity of favourite photos you choose as the "final" selection. It can be quite tricky to fit your 150-200 faves inside a 70 pages traditional album, for example. In this case, individual prints or photo-books give you a solution to the "quantity" problem. The first ones using a deep enough box, the latter printing more photos on the same page. Sticking a maximum of two photos on the same page in a traditional album is an option, by the way.

A lot of people ask me about the price of a wedding photobook. It's not easy to answer, because it may vary a lot, depending on several factors, like the album size, the number of pages, the materials used, the binding type, all the finishings (engravings, preciuos inserts, paintings, etc…) and, finally, the packaging