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Wedding Photojournalism is about narrating the wedding day, depicting people behaviors and their interactions, finding details, catching moments and feelings, preserving emotions and... playing with things, even if they happen silently. Getting back to see your photos is supposed to be a joyful, fun moment, so it's not uncommon to find, among your photos, ironic details and facts you weren't aware of. Candid photography is right about catching the unexpected.

This section is not about staged or posed photos. Not a single photo, here, is taken in a situation controlled or guided by the photographer.
This is very important in the choice of your photographer. There is a big difference between photographers doing a pure reportage (which this is) and the ones doing a "guided" reportage. The latter will ask you to do things in a certain way, repeat actions, gestures and expressions, also outside the portrait session and expecially during preparatives, when you are supposed to be yourself the most. This is something  very far from candid photography, and usually leads to unnatural behaviors in the subjects photographed.

I am deeply convinced about the need of maximum discretion, or at least to avoid asking people to do something or change the environment, while taking photos of my clients' wedding day: because avoiding to interfere with the characters in the scene makes them be themselves and behave like they always do. This leads to an identification with the photos taken, once the couple sees the reportage.