Between April and May 2016, during the last months of Fidel Castro’s life, I traveled to the Caribbean Island, so dear to the western culture, which always depicted this land to me as mythical, colorful, carefree, passionate and musical.
In the thirty days of my walking from North to South across the whole island, I discovered a poor land, deeply wounded, creative and dynamic, yes, but out of necessity. A place in which music, colors, mojitos and smiles are the only form of escape from a terribly mortifying social, economic and psychological condition.

I spoke with local men and women, in their own language, crossing the shimmering and glossy veil of Cuba as told to the West by travel agencies. I shot scenes of true, ordinary life, without any filter, like the people I portrayed.


The first printed work related to my experience is a collection of 12 hand-crafted prints, personally created and curated in every detail. Each copy is signed on the back and the set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Prints a realized using museum quality giclée technique and papers, and Canon Lucia Pro pigment inks for maximum chromatic fidelity and durability across the decades. Prints size is 19 x 19 cm. Photographs in the prints are 18 x 12cm.

These are the 12 photos inside the Collection One:

I’m happy to share this first collection with you at the price of 39.90 € plus shipping for the first 10 sets that will be printed.
Those of you knowing something about fine-art printing will be shocked by the low price, but I’d be really happy to share these amazing quality prints with many of you.

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The money raised through this small initiative will be used to fund more travels and more beautiful photos to share with you! : )

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