How to get awarded in wedding photography contests - Part 2

Shooting minimalism, as well as everything celebrating pictorialism, the quest for perfection is fundamental.

Color has the power to enhance or penalise the readability of a photo. Sometimes it shifts its focus from content to aesthetics.

The choice should never be underestimated nor made by chance or that easily. You should be convinced about your choice and be able to justify it.

I love to award photography of truth: that one that tells a story. It does, using a clean grammar, of easy reading also in its complexity. It's a kind of photography in which light and color have their own place and their own narrative task.

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How to get awarded in wedding photography contests - Part 1

I believe we are experiencing a transitional moment in wedding photography.
Almost everything photographable has been photographed in every possible way. Innovation requires a huge effort to come to light and wedding photographs struggle to pop out of the big crowd of recurring clichés.

An award should reward particular skills, the demonstration of a technique, a taste, a sensibility and an awareness that deviate from the usual, aka: from what is being just good professionals.

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